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#JoinTheQueue is an initiative by Fields of Green for ALL and we’re here to help you if you are arrested and charged for possession, cultivation or trading in Cannabis / Dagga. It doesn't matter how much you were bust for, whether it’s half a joint or a whole farm. We will help you through the process to stop your prosecution. If you have been unlucky enough to come face to face with the wrong arm of the law, you or your loved ones must contact us as soon as possible. Before they can put you on trial we will apply for your case to be put on hold, pending the outcome of The Dagga Couple’s case, which is set to be heard in the North Gauteng High Court. The Trial of the Plant will begin on 30 July 2017 and last until 19 August 2017.

This is THE case to watch

To #JoinTheQueue is to vent your outrage and frustration at the irrational and outdated Cannabis laws in South Africa.  By choosing to #JoinTheQueue you are making a significant contribution to the end-goal of changing these absurd laws.

You are no longer an armchair activist but a soldier at the forefront of a civil and human rights movement.

You Are Gandhi In A Jean Pant.


GENERAL ARREST INFO (The sad South African truth)

We took the actual arrest numbers for the period April 2013 – March 2014, proudly published by the SAPS on their website and worked out a few interesting numbers for you. Keep in mind that these numbers are our conservative estimate by which we mean that, of all drug related arrests, 70% were for Cannabis.

We know for a fact that that percentage is closer to 94% in Johannesburg. Some regions have problem areas where there are real drugs destroying the community and the arrest rates for those drugs is much higher.

The Amount of Money Spent by the South African
Government on Arresting Stoners:

R43 784 664 000

Now, to prevent you having a Zuma moment, let’s put that into words:

43 BILLION, 784 MILLION, 664 THOUSAND RAND ...  WASTED on arresting & UNSUCCESSFULLY trying to convict 182 436 people at a rate of 507 people per day.

With that we could have built:

  • 177.5 Nkandlas
  • 1 277 Schools
  • 29 Top-of-the Range 760 Bed Hospitals
  • 486 496 2-Bedroom Houses with Open Plan Lounge, Kitchen and a Bathroom
  • or we could have fed: 91 218 050 Human Beings (That’s 91 MILLION) One Decent Meal

How happy are you that your hard earned tax money is being thrown into fighting Mother Nature instead of feeding, healing and educating the citizens of SA who so very desperately need it?

So how are we fighting back?

(What do we want to see happen with the laws?)

Well...  We’re fighting the law in the courts because you fight the law with the law.  Cannabis prohibition is an unlawful and racist law and we are taking it all the way to the Constitutional Court.

These foolish old laws go against our human rights and against the good of the environment.

  • Free the herb for all who use it for religious and spiritual growth.
  • Free the herb for all the sick and dying. In this respect prohibition causes tragic Human Rights abuse.
  • Free the herb for all those who choose to build houses, plastic, cars, fuel, whatever...
  • But MOST of all free the HERB for Responsible Adult Use... freedom to grow, freedom to smoke... freedom of CHOICE!

Until we have that freedom of choice... we have #JoinTheQueue

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