"I've Been Arrested. I Need Help Now!"


You can still get arrested for Dagga in 2017.

When you get arrested, you will be asked to sign several papers. Signing admission of guilt will get you a criminal record, so DON'T (you don't have to!). If you pay bail however, make sure to sign for that money if you want it back.

At your first court appearance you simply need to ask for postponement as we will be helping you and you need time do do your paperwork.

Our role in this is to help you apply for a STAY OF PROSECUTION. This means your case is put on hold and that the outcome of your case depends on that of a bigger case. That case is that of The Dagga Couple which commences on 31 July 2017.

Once your paperwork is completed and printed, you will hand it to the police, the court and the prosecutor to be approved, stamped and signed. The process takes roughly 21 working days. If your next court appearance is sooner, go to court and ask for postponement. You then take the completed paperwork application to the High Court and if granted you will not get a criminal record or a fine or a prison sentence.

This application can be done WITHOUT A LAWYER.

Start your application for your Stay of Prosecution here.




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